The World Needs Freedom of Culture

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What is real education? True refinement in life what is the very essence of real culture? It is a compassion, reverence of light love of humanity, fragrance, the unity of life and beauty. Culture is the synthesis of uplifting and sensitive attainments, culture is the amount of light. Culture is salvation, heart and motivating power. If we gather all the definition of culture, we find synthesis of active bliss, the altar of enlightenment and constructive beauty. Condemnation , disparagement, defiling, melancholy disintegration and all other characteristics of ignorance do not befit culture. The great tree of culture is nourished by an unlimited knowledge, by enlightened labour, incessant creativeness & noble attainments. Culture is essential to man as it is the fine thread of life that weaves civilization into beauty & makes the savage a civilized being. The problems of the world have come into existence because of lack of culture, because of the sense of cruelty of superiority of intellect, which has taken a far greater place in modern civilization than the heart.

Why there is terrorism ? Because the mind is over developed & heart is under developed, there is no real culture, no consideration for humanity, no compassion.

India is heart and India can provide that heart aspect of life for the world.

If we are inspired by the kind of art produced by Epstein, there is only one result possible -WAR. But if we are inspired by the glorious art of PERSIA, of Greece, of our own Indian temples, of the Taj Mahal, there will be produced peace and happiness. Field of culture is a joyful one . It is joyful even during labour, during tense battles with the most obscure ignorance. The flaming heart is without limitations is the great infinity. The labour of the worker for culture is like the working of a physician. The true physician is acquainted with more than one disease. And not only does the physician cure that which has already occurred, but his wise foresight anticipates the future. The physician not only eradicates the illness, but the labours to improve the health for the whole life. The physician descends into the darkest cellars in order to carry light and warmth there. He is not forgetful of all the amelioration and beautification of life, in order to give joy to the understanding spirit. The physician not only throws of the old epidemics, but he readily acquaints himself with the symptoms of new disease, which have been induced by the decay of the foundations.

The physician has sage words of counsel for the young and for old, and is ready to give everyone encouraging advice. He doesn't cease to extend his knowledge, otherwise he couldn't answer the needs of the present, he doesn't lose his patience or tolerance, because a restraint of feeling would repel the suffering ones against him. The physician doesn't fear the sight of human ulcers, because he is only concerned with their cure.

All these qualities are also inherent in the work of culture. He is equally ready at all hours of the day or night to contribute his help. He is always ready. His heart is ever open to everything in which experience & knowledge may be useful . Helping he himself continually learns, because "in giving, we receive" He is not afraid, for he knows that fear opens the gates of darkness.

The worker for culture stands vigil on the parapet of bliss, knowledge & beauty. He knows true cooperation is.

All workers for culture are united by rays of the heart. Mountains & oceans are no obstacles to these flaming hearts.

They are not dreamers but constructors & smiling ploughmen.

When we claim we are fighting for the preservation of civilization, but where is there any real civilization to preserve ? Are we not fighting rather to destroy savagery than to preserve a no-existent civilization.

Without culture there is bound to be ugliness in the world. If there is ugliness there is bound to be cruelty & vulgarity. If there is cruelty and vulgarity, we have not a civilized, but a savage nation. We must first have civilization and culture in our everyday lives then A perfect understanding of the friendship between nations & peoples, and finally a knowledge of the truth behind all nations, &still more for us. Who are Indians the the truth behind our own country, before we can speak of preserving civilization.

Through art and beauty, earth will come near to heaven. When Devas descend to earth. They come with music, with colours, with light, with flowers & with incense. We must bring to earth something of the spirit, the atmosphere of the Devas. Without the the essential culture which is the background & spirit of the land there can never be happiness anywhere.

Culture is first and foremost refinement.

In India essence of culture is reverence. We have to stretch ourselves into the ancient spirit of India. India can shine forth in culture & spirituality. Culture is the only force that will bring civilization together, will give us understanding of different nationalities & make us see the beauties of every civilization.

Finally, Peace, a real peace grows only in the garden of beauty and culture.

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The World Needs Freedom of Culture

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This article was published on 2010/04/01
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